Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tourism in India - SlideShare

Tourism in India
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Fortune Park Hotels Ltd said...

In spite of the very disturbing factors like the inflation, recession, job cuts, and to top them all, terrorism- the Indian economy seems to be undaunted. Though these factors have surely dented the economy to some extent, certain other factors have kept the Indian economy afloat amidst these very disturbing rough waters. Though the IT sector have bore the brunt most, the booming Indian Hotel Industry is expected to mount the ladder further and as per the reports it would feature in the top 5 by 2010. Growing business has made India an often toured place. Today India ranks 18th in the area of business travel and would expectedly reach the 5th spot by 2010. Apart from the four metros India is keenly developing the areas in and around the national capital collectively called the National Capital Region or the NCRs. The most famous among them, Gurgaon, is the first and the most developed NCR till date. Innumerable multinational companies and big corporate houses have opened up in the city. Accordingly, infrastructural developments and hotels in Gurgaon have also increased. Most of the tourists in Gurgaon are business travelers and hence apart from the exclusive budget hotels in Gurgaon, most the big hotels in the city house the standard business features.